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Wanted Logo.png

"Wanted" is an independent animated short I created in 2020 that draws its inspirations from 3A game trailers and TV title sequences. The overall project bases itself on an imaginary game that I came up with called "Wanted", and this animation can be seen as essentially the opening sequence to the actual game. 


The story of wanted is set in a steampunk (a concept that focuses around combining technology with industrial steam-powered machinery) dystopian society where two factions are engaged in a civil war to claim political power, our main character, is a skilled assassin employed by one of the faction (red) with the mission of assassinating the leaders of the other faction, after successfully completing his mission, he is rewarded and given the duty to protect the new emperor’s daughter, however,  he is later framed for the murder and abduction of the princess and was barely able to escape. The game will focus on how he exacts his vengeance against those who framed him and unveils the mystery behind this conspiracy. 

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