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A Little About Me

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Chaofan grew up in Jinan, China, and moved to the United States when he was 8 years old. He has always had a strong passion for graphic design and visual arts which is why he decided to enroll as a Digital Media & Design major at the University of Connecticut. Chaofan is now a senior with a concentration in Motion Design & 2D animation with a minor in Studio Art expected to graduate with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in May of 2022.


 As a motion-design-focused student, in addition to polishing up his skills in traditional narrative-driven animations, Chaofan also became fascinated with the integration of motion into traditional graphic designs elements and how well they come to complement each other. He has worked as a freelance illustrator and motion designer throughout his academic career and is now currently dedicating his time to improving his skills in User Experience design with the goal to work as a UI/UX designer in the future while incorporating his animation skills to enhance and elevate communication aspects in UI designs. 

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